First Day of School

Well, my oldest started second grade today. Thanks to the bus garage it was not a smooth welcome into the school year. First, the bus came 15 minutes early. Early, people! So instead of getting on the bus at the quoted 7:15 am time, we're now required to be at the bus stop by 6:50 or so. However, the horrible timing wasn't the only offense committed. While my son wasn't there many of the children were but they didn't get to ride the bus either. She drove right on by because instead of being at the edge of the road they were standing on the driveway near the house. Mind you, this is the same spot they've stood in for the last two years and never had a problem.

Since I was the only parent there, I volunteered to take my son and one of the other little boys into school. I dropped them off and went to the bus garage. Excuses, excuses. Bottom line: Have the kids there a little before 7 am and standing closer to the road because she's a new driver.


Thanks to the community school system I was an hour late for work on the first day of our Fall semester. NOT GOOD.

On the brighter side, my son says he likes his teacher.