Deservedly Reprimanded

After dinner tonight the hubby mentioned to me that he reads my blog every now and then (which I already knew). He was more than a bit concerned when he realized I had been telling people I was home alone while he was gone fishing in Canada. "Not smart" was a phrase I'm sure he uttered more than a time or two.

And you know what? He's absolutely right. It was more than "not smart", it was downright ignorant. Despite my over-developed sense of paranoia I announced to the entire blog-o-sphere I would be all by my lonesome. What the hell was I thinking? Although I would guess anyone reading this blog is harmless and has no desire to actually track me down, the possibility of some computer-savvy psycho running across my blog is more than possible.

So in the future I will keep such tidbits to myself until hubby is safely home again. Then I can post how my week or weekend alone went.

Go ahead and scold me. I know I was bad.