Well, I made it back from Wisconsin. The long drive home was made longer by a blown tire in Chicago. That was fun. I heard some funky sound and next thing I know we can see black chunks of tire flying through the air. Must admit to being impressed by how well the 5th Wheel drove with a shredded tire.

The day had started out ordinarily enough. A few clouds in the sky and projected rain for the afternoon. My sister and I carried our lawn chairs down to the concert grounds in the morning. We had a great view. Much better than the one I had had for Tim McGraw. After watching the karoake contest and listening to a new artist we headed back to the campground (about a mile walk one-way according to my dad--I'm hopeless with distance).

We had just finished lunch and tending to Little O (my two month old nephew) when the bad weather struck. I've never seen such a scary sky. I think it looked even more ominous simply because of our vulnerable location. Sitting in the middle of a field with hundreds of other campers in RVs and tents doesn't exactly make one feel safe when a tornado warning has been issued for the very town you're visiting.

The storm front was a towering black mass of angry clouds and we were sitting right where the somber gray skies colided with the incoming storm.

Chaos reigned in the campground. I have never seen such stupidity and hope I never see the like again.

After witnessing some unbelievably stupid manuevers, we made it out of the campground and onto the road. We turned toward the gray sky and put the storm to our backs. We drove until we felt reasonably safe and the radio had issued an all-clear for our area.

Although the tornado warning had expired, the skies weren't clear and the storm still had enough energy to produce driving rains, lightening, and thunder. The day had turned into a bust.

Now, we had been planning on leaving that day anyhow but not until after Big-N-Rich played. Considering the scare we had just had (I seriously thought I was going to die without being able to say goodbye to my husband and babies) and the less than promising weather, we decided to pack it in and go home a bit early. SheDaisy and Terri Clark's showtimes had already come and gone and who knew how long it would take to get the equipment up and running for Big-N-Rich.
Of course, you'd have to know we forgot all about the lawnchairs we had taken down to the concert grounds that morning. I imagine they either got blew away by the 60mph winds or were thrown away by the clean-up crew.