Around the House

Hubby's gone fishing for the night so the kidlets and I are just hanging around the house tonight. I rented a couple of movies, a Playstation game for my oldest, and bought some frozen pizza for dinner. I haven't even cleaned my kitchen yet! ~gasp~

I read the most amazing book over Thursday and Friday. It hasn't hit the stands yet but you should pre-order it. It's bold. Daring. Somewhat startling even. The author is brutal with her characters and, while I can't promise you won't experience some discomfort, I can guarantee this book will haunt you for at least a day or two. Perhaps longer. I know I certainly haven't stopped thinking about it.

The author? Tamara Siler Jones. The book? Threads of Malice.

Go pre-order it now.

That's all I'm saying on the matter.