A Week of Season Finales

The run-down according to yours truly:

It doesn't look good. The characters are all running in different directions. Nessa and Delinda are on a plane with what appears to be an assassin with a mark on Nessa's head. Sam quit when she realized her husband was going to buy the Montecito. Mike agreed to go on the road singing with his aunt (what the hell??). Ed's chasing after Nessa and Delinda. And Danny-boy? His dad died and his girlfriend the cop had to break the news.

I can't wait to see how the writers pull everyone back together. I'd like to see Sam and her husband battling it out instead of her leaving the show. Not that I've heard she is...I'm just saying.

All I can say is OMG. What the hell? They can't kill off Kate! I'm hoping that scene was just another dream sequence but it sure seemed "real". I'm still in shock.

Major threads of conflict were set up by the finale on this one. House's ex-wife, Stacy, is going to be working in the same hospital. Of course, he's still in love with her and she's happily married elsewhere. The mistake she made was in telling House he would always be "the one" but that she couldn't be with him.

Stacy's husband has issues with House, no doubt because he knows his wife still loves her first husband. No doubt he'll make some serious waves in upcoming scenes.

Then there's the three muskateers. I feel so bad for Cameron. Even though she knows House loves Stacy, I don't see her feelings dying a sudden death.

I don't watch Lost very often but I had heard it was going to be a two-hour finale and I figured it might give some answers. It didn't. Not really. I figure the men who kidnapped Walt are slavers and intend to sell him to the highest bidder; I think that's what they did with the crazy lady's kid. I figure they'll start trying to figure out a way to get to the bottom of the tunnel they opened at the very end of the show. The broken ladder was a nice touch, meaning the characters are going to need to get inventive if they hope to discover where the tunnel leads.