More madness.

I stopped by Laurell K. Hamilton's blog this afternoon expecting to read about her progress on her next book or some other author-related duties. Nope. Instead, she's addressing the piece of crap who tried to call her out of a luncheon by telling her assistant Laurell's grandmother was dying. After reading through her post I realized I really don't understand what drives people to be so cruel. I just don't get it. Someone else's pain, panic, or sorrow should not be source of entertainment. It shouldn't bring pleasure.

I'm so sorry this happened to Laurell, that it would happen to anyone. I know she doesn't read my blog (as if!) but I'm sending lots of warm, fuzzy thoughts her way and hoping she can put this behind her as soon as possible.

What I want to know is: don't these nutjobs have something better to do with their time? There are so many things to do in the world. Why waste precious time and energy thinking up and carrying out such a mean-spirited prank? Get a real hobby. Get a life. If those aren't an option, perhaps a lobotomy would be a good alternative.