Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Took the boys to the theatre today to see Star Wars III. Even though we hit the matinee showing, I still managed to spend $30. For once, I think it was worth it. This movie rocked.

Before it began I had wondered how George would turn a decent man to evil. Sure, I had seen Anikan's temper and shortcomings in the first two movies but he had a long way to go before turning into Darth Vadar. The movie didn't disappoint. A lethal combination of fear and arrogance made the young man vulnerable to sinister influences. What I found most compelling about the transformation from good to evil was the fact it was based on decisions made out of love. Had he not feared Padame's death, had he not been determined to save her, I truly believe Darth Vadar would not have been borne. The Chancellor exploited Anikan's weaknesses.

Witnessing the evolution of a villian is so helpful when it comes to my own writing. Villians are difficult for me. I tend to deal in absolutes (like the Sith?!?!). Shades of gray are difficult to distinguish. I've never been able to understand how someone could purposely do things so wrong and still believe they were in the right. Yet, Anikan's transformation to a Sith Lord opened a world of possibilities. When creating villians I think I'll start looking for the subtle shades of gray preceding the darkness.

My favorite part of the movie, though, didn't happen on the big screen. It happened in the row I sat in. My youngest son, who is 4, was standing next to me when Darth Vadar discovers Padame's death. When Vadar throws his arms out and yells "Nooooo", so too did my 4 year old. This tiny little voice mimicking the dark lord's wail was just too precious. Even as I'm laughing and shushing him, I notice those few people in the theatre with us were laughing at him, too.