Getting Ready for the Party

I'm having a jewelry party on Saturday. Pretty, sparkly stuff that girly girls tend to covet. Not that I'm a girly girl. Heavens, no! I just wanted that one necklace enough to actually inconvience myself by booking a party.

Getting ready for a party is never fun. It's work. Lots of it. First you have to get all the addresses together in order to make sure you might have 5 or 6 guests show up (typically I send out 15-20 invites). Then you have to go around telling everyone you invited it doesn't matter if they come and, if they do, please don't feel obligated to buy ANYTHING. Really. I only booked the party so I could buy that $110 necklace for $25.

Guests invited and reassured they don't need to spend their life savings on jewelry they feel obligated to buy just because they're kind enough to come to this silly thing, it's time to focus on the house. Cleaning is not my favorite pasttime. It ranks right up there with going to the dentist. However, I can't stomach the thought of a dirty house when I have guests, so I do what needs to be done to prevent needless embarrassment.

Tonight's objective was to clean the boys' rooms. While my hubby took our oldest son to baseball practice, I took a garbage bag upstairs. I filled the first 40-gallon bag with the broken toys in his toybox. Then I decided to clean out his dresser. I can't believe how much stuff I threw away! Strangely, he hardly seemed to notice when he got home from practice.

The youngest's room went much quicker than his brother's. I think most of the toys that used to be in his toybox had been relocated to his brother's room. The only thing I didn't do was clean his closet...closing the doors worked just fine.

I took before and after pictures. I intend to do a scrapbook page comparing the reality (messy) to the fantasy (clean). The difference is just so startling I can't resist the impulse to commemorate the moment. LOL