You know as much as I bitch about my day job, it does have some great perks. I work with some truly interesting and likeable people. Icing is there a few who seem to get me--they're either great actresses or they understand my quirkyness because they can relate to it. In return, I seem to "get" them, as well.

We recently hired a young woman who is an artist. She has writerly (is that a word?) aspirations but her calling is art. I wish I had my digital with me today. She made a doll for another coworker. Doll is too tame a word, though. It's a girl. And she's made out of recycled things. String. Beads. Ribbon. Yarn. Beans. Cinnamon sticks. It's unusual and beautiful all at the same time.

I envy her the vision it took to create this girl. The creativity that went into that doll's creation is astounding. The detail work must have been mind-numbing.

Oh, how I wish I had my digital with me so I could share this with you!