Rough Draft Editing Tip

Now that classes are done and I don't have to worry about feeling guilty for ignoring my schoolwork, I'm back to writing. Because it had been so long since I'd been able to focus on the writing, I felt the need to rekindle my passion for the story.

This meant printing off the story--the idea was to force myself to read and not edit. The bad news is I can't stop myself from editing. The good news is I discovered a handy little feature for printing. Not exactly a moment of ephinany but something worth sharing for those of you who may not have discovered it for yourselves.

When you need to print a rough draft and want to save on ink and paper...look at the zoom feature on your print tab. You can print two pages per sheet! Totally readable, lots of white space for chicken-scratch, and totally cost effective.

Of course, I believe you can elect to print up to 4 pages per sheet but I don't think my eyes could handle it. And where would you write comments and how would you make proofreading marks? I don't know.

In any case, I made it through 5 manuscript pages (3 printed sheets) before running back to the computer. The passion is back and I'm writing already.

Maybe I'll try editing this way one chapter at a time in the future. It seems to work really well for me.