My Weekend

Did the work thing. Picked kids up from daycare. Fixed dinner, did some laundry. Hubby was gone to a Piston's game so it was just me and the munchkins. After dinner we scrapbooked for about an hour. All in all a nice, relaxing night.

Laxy morning (watched tv and did very little in the house).

Hubby had to drive his dad down to the airport to pick up my mother-in-law. Meanwhile, the boys and I had a birthday party to attend. My niece and nephew turned 2 and 4, respectively. However, we had to go empty-handed because the gifts were locked in the trunk of my car. How, you ask? My oldest had popped the trunk for me. After I closed the trunk, I see the driver's door closed and my son trying to open the passenger side door in vain. Yes, the child had locked us out. Do you think I could find my spare key? Oh, no. It's still MIA. Luckily, my husband and his dad had taken my in-law's truck and left the hubby's at home. The boys and I were able to go sing "happy birthday" and eat cake and ice cream. Felt horrid, though, about not having their gifts with me when I arrived.

Came home and watched Big Fish.

Watched A Knight's Tale again.

Took the kids to McDonald's before going shopping at the Outlet Mall. Hubby needed a few things for our trip. He got some t-shirts, shorts, swimtrunks, and a pair of tennis shoes. All for a reasonable price.

Took the boys to see Robots. Movies are expensive--$22 just for the tickets and it was a mantinee. By the time we got something to drink, popcorn, and candy I bet we spent close to $40 total. Not so sure this cartoon was worth $40. Cute but not that cute. It didn't keep the 4-year-old's attention and wasn't as funny as I expected it to be.

Dropped Hubby and oldest son off at home and then went to Walmart. Got a few more things for our trip (hey, I'll use them after we get back, too!) and picked up hubby's birthday gifts. After we finished shopping--remember, I had the little man with me--we had to go through Dairy Queen for a well-deserved treat.

Home for frozen pizza dinner. Wrapped hubby's gifts. Put kids to bed. Typed this. :-)