My 4-year-old had mono!

Just got off the phone with the doctor's office. I had taken my youngest in on Monday because his lymph nodes have been swollen for three weeks. Now before you call Social Services on me, you should know I had called the doctor when I first noticed them and was told to wait a couple weeks to see if they went down. I'm not neglecting the welfare of my chidren--I'm much too paranoid to do that!

Anyhoo...the doctor did a physical exam. Of course, he couldn't miss the bulging glands...they pop out when the little guy turns his head. The doctor palpitated his liver and spleen to make sure they weren't enlarged and then had me take him to Quest Diagnostics a couple towns over for bloodwork. He ordered tests for Epstein Bar, Mono, and a full blood count. He even mentioned the L word (Luekemia) in passing. Talk about giving a paranoid mom something to stress over.

Well, the test results came in yesterday. The little guy is fine now but had mono.

Now I have to call the daycare, let my family know, and watch my oldest child for symptoms. Not fun but I'll take this over that L-word any day o the week.