I Danced on the Bar

Yes, I most certainly did!

After a couple of drinks and a few shots, my cousin, best friend, and I were feeling brave enough to do what we had said we were going to do: dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly. The first time was so fun, we ended up going up there twice more before finally leaving the bar to traipse across the street to the Tropicana where our husband's had decided to go gamble.

I'll post a few pictures later. They're not very good...but they're the only evidence I'm able to provide!

My only disappointment was I didn't stop to buy the t-shirt I could now rightly wear. You guessed it: I danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly. Plain black t-shirt with red and white lettering. I had purchased a cutesy little pink shirt earlier in the day because I wasn't sure if I'd really get up the nerve to get on the bar. I should have known better....