Faith in Mankind, In Goodness

I have several blogs I visit daily. My addiction is a sad, sad fact. When I first sit down at my computer I wonder how Michelle is doing, how her stories are coming, how the battle with infertility is faring. I love reading PBW's blunt, unapologetic posts and appreciate her wit and willingness to share what others are afraid to admit about the publishing industry. Reading about Tam's rising star and looking at pictures of her lovely quilts. Laughing at Martha's series of unfortunate events and tongue-in-cheek observations. Keeping tabs on Wen's progress as her deadline for Tinker2 approaches. Reading about Lola's struggles with her writing, what mischeif her little ones have gotten into--Lola is perhaps the first writer I ever really connected with online; we met in one writing group and managed to keep in touch after we both left the group.

Tonight I had to get my daily dose of Holly before logging off--I'm always curious about her progress. You see, Holly holds a special little place in my heart. No...nothing stalker-worthy, people. Geesh.

I first became familiar with Holly when I discovered Forward Motion. Back then she was still the site owner and key administrator. It was her living room. She took the time to participate in threaded discussions, to drop by chat, to teach and mentor aspiring authors.

I was fortunate enough to be in the last BN class she taught (For those of you unfamiliar with Forward Motion and Holly's most popular class it the Breakout Novel Class inspired by Donald Maass's Writing the Breakout Novel) . During those weeks we spent discussing concepts, creating stories, and working out details, my respect for Holly reached a new level. She was blunt. If she felt something didn't work or that you hadn't reached down into the very pit of the abyss to find your answers, she told you as much. She wasn't trying to boost egos; she was trying to help us create stories worthy of publication.

So I'm never surprised by what I might find posted on her blog. She's never been shy about stating her opinion on any given subject. Tonight's post wasn't particularly spectacular but the link she provided to Heinlein's This I Believe was so very much appreciated. His words resonate within me and I thought it would be lovely to share it with those of you who visit my little blog from time to time.