Busy weekend

I need to write my final paper. The toss up is between Dead Man in Deptford and Bridget Jone's Diary. I'm leaning toward Bridget Jones. While I can't find any literary sources to help support my opinions, I know I could tie in some principles of interpersonal communication. That's really tempting because I love the field of communication and tying it into a literary analysis sounds like fun. But what kind of grade would I get? Is this too far from the beaten path?

I also need to do laundry and clean my house. Not your average house-cleaning, either. We have family coming over tonight to celebrate my hubby's birthday. Pride won't allow either of us to let them come through the door if the house looks as bad as it does.

Of course, there's a complication. My sister thinks she's about to go into labor. I might not be here to clean the house or participate in the party! If she does call, I'm tempted to postpone the party until tomorrow or later.