Personal Heroes

Real-life hereos exist. They run into burning buildings to save people they've never met, they willingly place themselves in danger to protect the innocent, they pick themselves up when they've been knocked flat on their ass and make a life for themselves and their loved ones. Heroes come in different shapes and sizes, different colors. They may speak not at all or be blinded to the world around them. They may be young or old, weak and infirm. Yet, rarely would they consider themselves heroes and they'd be shocked to hear others refer to them as such.

I look at the many people I know in my life and I realize there is something admirable in all of them. Sure, they're your common man or woman but within each of them lives a kernal of something special. Conviction, determination, and perservence have played a role in each of their lives at some point or another.

These are the common heroes. For this excercise I feel as if I should look beyond these fine qualities, that I should be searching for something that glitters and shines, for something that transcends time. Yet, the common hero is something we can all identify with on some level or another. And what if you want your hero or heroine to be your average citizen? What if they aren't saving the world but only themselves?

Knowing what kind of hero you need for your story is important. A story is much like a puzzle. You have to fit the pieces together without being forced to find a hammer to make things fit.