Bathtub Revelation

So I was soaking in the tub yesterday, reading a book on plotting, and realized I had written Dragonborn, all 500 pages of it, with the wrong MC. The story really isn't Danken's. Sure, things happen to him and he plays a critical role in the story, but it's not his story. It's Ghislaine's. The things that happen to her, her decisions, her actions and reactions, are the driving force behind the story. In realizing this I also realized the theme I had danced around but never addressed head on.

Rewriting the story is going to be a massive undertaking but I'm already feeling better about it. There's a clarity in my thoughts and, since I've already written the story from the wrong perspective, I hope to find the going a bit easier this time around.

Now that I know these two very important things --who's story it is and what the message or theme is-- I think I'm going to break out Maass' workbook again. It's revision time. I can still write the first draft of Redeeming Angels while I muddle my way through the pre-editing exercises.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.