The Baby is Sick

Home today with sick kidlet. My youngest, who seemed perfectly healthy when I dropped him off at daycare this morning, started throwing up not a half hour after I got to work this morning. Nothing like a call from daycare to get you motivated. As you grab your winter coat, shut down your computer, and sling your purse over your shoulder all you can think is: How can he be sick? He was fine when I dropped him off.

But sick he is. Although, I'm happy to say the vomiting has stopped and he seems content to sit on the couch and do nothing. Oh, sure, there's playstation (Mommy's played more than he has) and cartoons to keep him entertained. I know he's not 100% , though, because he's not bouncing off the walls.

Getting a day off work is always a bonus but not when one of my babies is sick. Although I didn't make him throw-up everywhere this morning, I still feel bad. Guilt is such fun, especially when you know it's completely undeserved but apparently unavoidable as well.

The scary thing...I have to bundle him into the car in a few minutes so we can go get his big brother from school. Don't. Throw. Up. That's going to be my mantra all the way there and back.