Excerpt from Redeeming Angels
© Krista Heiser, All Rights Reserved

Note: The following snippet is from my vampire romance. If it ever appears in print, it's very possible it may read nothing like this. You know how I love to revise, revise, revise! This is also rough draft and likely filled with typos, missing words, mis-used words, and terrible grammar.

What little backstory you need to know is this: Makenna had been out hunting for a suitable donor earlier in the night when Gabe happened by. Driven by lust (and not just for blood) she strikes up a conversation where she learns he has something she wants...and, no, it's not just his body. In an attempt to get it from him she tries to use her talent for psychic manipulation on him and fails. He may be a mere human but he isn't completely powerless. In the following scene she's just driven him home and is determined to get that item and more from him.

I hope you enjoy this!

She stretched upward, forced to stand on her tip toes, and bit down. He screamed as her teeth punctured skin and sank deep into tissue. She didn't rend the artery; she had no intention of killing him. She bit into muscle, bursting smaller vessels, vessels that would bleed and provide her with the nourishment her depraved body required without leeching him of his life.

Shock held him in its grips for a brief moment and then he began to struggle against her hold. "What in the hell are you doing? Stop it!"

She bit down, her fangs probing the depths of the muscle and surrounding tissue. He yelped, his struggles becoming more pronounced. His fingers found their way into her hair and he tried to yank her head away from him. A growl of warning cautioned him to not try it again. Her nails dug into his scalp, into his arm where she held him. She couldn't stop now if she wanted to.

Blood flooded her mouth. She savored the coppery warmth, swallowing that which her fangs failed to pull. The liquid pooled in her stomach. It raced through her veins as her body's membranous tissues absorbed it. As the sweet nutrients replenished her depleted cells, the darkling hummed with pleasure.

He yanked on her hair again and tried to slip from her hold. He knocked them sideways into the dimmer switch, their entangled bodies sliding it until the room began to glow with an ambient light. "Stop it! Damn it, I said stop!"

She could hear the panic in his voice. Felt his anger in the tense muscles. She could smell his fear, his normally musky scent overwhelmed by acrid sweat.
She lifted her head, licking telltale smears of blood from her lips, and settled down onto the balls of her feet. Holding him by his hair, one arm pinned to the wall, she looked at him. "You shouldn't have pissed me off."

"Are you insane?" He yelled at her, not even bothering to glance down toward his still seeping wound. "What are you? Some kind of freak? You probably just signed your death warrant, lady."

She smiled and revealed the fangs. "I don't think so."

He glared at her, a grimace of distaste flickering across his handsome face. "I have HIV and I'm pretty sure drinking my blood is a guarantee you're going to test positive, too."

"I don't think you get it. I'm a vampire."

He rolled his eyes. "Sure. You're a nut, is what you are."

She couldn't believe it. It was obvious the man thought she was playacting. The knowledge was nearly enough to get him bitten a second time. She held herself in check by putting some distance between them. "I am a vampire. Have been since God placed man on Earth."

"What? No one turned you? Isn't that how vampires are made?" His snide remark mocked her existence. "

"That's Hollywood. Not reality."

~end snippet