Small gains

Using the Novel Diagram described in Plotting a Novel, I figured I would need to accomplish the following during my revision of Dragonborn:

For a 125K novel:

00-30K: Put MC into motion; lock the confict; build up to the first major turning point; all major players have to be introduced

30-60K: Deepen conflict by presenting first major turning point; expose true nature of plot; play out consequences of first plot point

60-90K: Reversal of conflict; give advantage to "other side"; deal with consequences of giving advantage to "other side"

90-125K: Introduce second plot point; deal with consequences (a.k.a. "agony of choice"); confirm premise by allowing one side to "win"; denouement.

Well, seeing it laid out like this, it doesn't seem so bad. Breaks it down into manageable components. The challenge will be taking the events from a proposed trilogy and condensing them down into one stand-alone novel. I believe a lot of extraneous things will have to be excised.

I also believe this means a complete and total rewrite.

From scratch.