Scrapbooking Weekend

I got home from my weekend away around 3:00 pm yesterday. What a long drive! It had started snowing early in the morning and by the time we left the roads were already getting slick. We saw several cars in the ditch, including one that had rolled. We also got stuck in a traffic jam. Not fun.

On the upside I completed 15 pages. I did pre-school pictures, ice-fishing pictures, bath pictures, a picture of the hubby and I together, and a picture of my youngest son's baby blues (I turned the pic black and white but left his eyes as blue as blue can be. Gorgeous.).

We didn't go to the bar. We were all pretty focused on our scrapbooks and the idea of getting dressed and putting on makeup--hey, you can't go to the bar looking all frumpy!--held absolutely no appeal. So, we put on our jammies and did some more pages.

The food was part of our package deal: dinner Friday night; breakfast, lunch & dinner Saturday; breakfast on Sunday. The dinner buffet was delicious. Prime rib, stuffed salmon, crab legs (ewww), duck stirfry, shrimp (ewww again), fruit, vegetables, breads, and dessert. Of course, we didn't know about desert so we didn't get any.

Other than scrapbooking and eating, we did take about an hour away from the tables to sit in the hot tub. I so need one of those at home!