Not Again

I can't believe I'm getting sick again. I've lost count of how many times I've been less than healthy this winter. This latest bout started out as the sniffles and is progressing into a full-fledged cold. I'm taking meds, eating oranges, and trying to stay warm.

I'm blaming this one on the miserable weather. We've had some significant changes in temperature from one day to the next lately, which would explain why everyone I know has been or is sick.

I haven't written anything this weekend. Other than this post, the longest I've sat at the computer has been to chime in on the dicussion boards for my online class and to do a little bit of journalling for a scrapbook page yesterday. I keep telling myself that the story won't write itself but I guess I'm still hopeful. Although, truth be known, I'd be disappointed to turn on the computer and find the story already written. As crazy as it sounds, I enjoy the challenge of stitching a story together.

I know. Geek.