I've been sitting here for the last hour trying to figure out how I can keep a private (aka non-published) journal/diary on my computer. I want this to be completely private. Something accessible only to me. Password protected would be nice.

Why? Do I have something to hide?

Well, just my general bitchiness, really. I wouldn't want my hubby to happen upon it and read about something I was pissed off about over two months ago. I don't want to worry about censoring myself, which I do quite often here. After reading about this or that blogger being fired for bad-mouthing their place of employment on their "private" blog, I'm very conscious to edit out a lot of the more negative shit I would love to rant about here to you, my faithful handful of readers.

Seriously...there's like two of you, I think. :)

I must be boring....

But I digress. This post is about my search for a journal or diary I can use here at home, something completely private. Now you may be wondering why I don't grab the perfectly adorable journals I've got stashed away in my dresser.
I'm not wondering. I know why. Typing is so much quicker than writing long-hand. I type around 90 words a minute (yes, that explains the typos...I never said I type accurately at 90 wpm). I write at about 20. No sense in writing it down if you can't read it later, right?

So I tried creating one using Access. Didn't work.

I really want to find a free one off but I'm afraid of virsus and all that other crap you can download so easily these days. I guess I'll need to talk to hubby about it since he's my computer guy and he tends to get really pissy about me downloading "shit" to the computer.

If he's totally against the idea, I think I'm going to have to break out those buried journals and get friendly with mundane writing utensils. Back to pen and paper. Egads.