How Do Stay-at-Home Mom's Do it?

Home today with the munchkins. My oldest is fighting off a cold--I won't go into disgusting detail but it's more than just a cough here and there. Poor little guy. I hope this OTC cough medicine helps soon. Soon would be good. Yesterday would be better. I'm home. I have time to get caught up on my reading, to do some writing, and, if I'm feeling really industrious, perhaps do some laundry. So what's my problem? It would be the momming. You know what I mean.

"Mom! I need a drink."

"Mom, I want a snack."

"Mom, Gage hit me."

"Mom, watch this!"

"Mom, KC won't share."


Does it ever end? How do the stay-at-home mom's who do this daily not shoot themselves? Maybe they invest in ear plugs. That has to be it!

In any event, wish me luck on the writing front. I want to add a few hundred words to my total before bedtime tonight. At this rate, I'll be lucky to get more than 15.