Editing Jitters

If you've been around the site for awhile you've likely heard me mention that I need to edit Dragonborn, the result of my first ever attempt at writing fantasy. In all honesty, I didn't plan to write the story I ended up writing. My main character was supposed to be a woman, a half-breed child capable of controling dragons. Well, when I sat down to write her story, I discovered I didn't know enough of the details necessary to begin.

I was anxious to start writing though. I hadn't written anything in such a long time. Years. Seven, to be exact. So to satify the urgency I decided I'd start writing a history of her world. The novel I ended up with serves as a prologue of sorts. Unfortunately, it's not even a complete one at that. I figured I'd draw it out into a trilogy.

The funny thing is I do like the story even though it's not what I originally set out to do. I've had a couple of beta readers take a look at it and, other than grammar and spelling issues, the comments were mostly positive. It even got a hand-written rejection from Tor.

Yes, I sent it out almost immediately after completing the first draft.

However, two years after sitting it in a drawer and ignoring it, I think it's time to take a serious look at either revising it or pitching it. For the record, I'm not sure I can pitch it.

Here is what I think I'd like to do:

1. Turn this proposed trilogy into a stand alone.
2. Clean up the cliches. (This will only require identifying them, I hope.)
3. Figure out how to write a kick ass synopsis.
4. Query at least 10 agents a week upon completion of revision.

My only question is when do you admit defeat? When do you suck it up and say "okay this one was a failure but at least I learned from it"?