It's past my bedtime.

I know I should be in bed. I'll be swatting at the snooze button in the morning, too exhausted to move. I know why I'm not in bed. Going to bed means getting up for work and work sucks.

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

I know it'll get better but at the moment it's just one huge pain in the ass. I can't catch up and the work just keeps piling up. If I knew how to clone myself, I would. Of course, I'd have to leave that Krista chained in the office, doomed to a life without friends or family. Can't have someone cutting in on the good stuff!

I thought I would write tonight but that didn't happen. CSI and Without a Trace distracted me from my nightly goal. I know. Shame on me for letting them. I just love them, though!

Also did the dishes. Nothing like loading the dishwasher at 11:00 p.m. Probably should do another load of laundry but I don't feel like going downstairs to do it. Trust me. The piles are going nowhere. The heaps will be there tomorrow. And Saturday. And Sunday. (Have I mentioned I'm terrible with laundry? Just enough is kept clean to get by with. Drives hubby mad.)

I also posted to my online class (20th Century British Lit). I'm thinking I'm going to enjoy it a great deal. The instructor has a great sense of humor and I don't think he'll hold my job against me. Remember, we work on the same campus and I'm not always able to give the faculty exactly what they want when they want it. Not that I expect any of them would really be so vengeful but it's always a concern....paranoid, that's me.

What else can I babble on about? Nothing really. I should turn off this computer and go to bed.

And so I will.