Great writing night!

Kids were in bed by 8:30 because it's a school night and the hubby is watching football. This left me with a few options, some of which were more appealing than others.

Let's see, I could have done the dishes (they're still in the sink), scrapbooked, read, folded laundry or washed some for that matter, or write. I decided to open the WIP and get busy. Unbelievably, it worked!

Over the last hour I have managed to revise the last chapter I had written. It's still incomplete but it's so much better than it was. Very happy. Of course, I'll likely do at least one more read through to see if it really works but it seems much better than what I originally had down.

I'm running into an odd challenge with this book. My heroine is physically stronger than my hero. She's a vampire, he's a human. Writing confrontational scenes between them requires more awareness of his limitations than I would normally give a male character. I usually take it for granted the men are stronger than most women but the inequality between vampire and human is immense and, therefore, quite noticeable. Here's a small snippet of the scene I just "tweaked". If he still seems weak, be assured this is an improvement. LOL


He downed his beer and stood up, intent on leaving.

She gripped his arm, her fingernails biting into his skin. "It matters. Now, who have you told?”

He tried to pull his arm out of her grasp and couldn't. What the hell? He hadn't had that much to drink. He tried again without success, noticing she didn't even struggle against his supposedly superior strength. He met her eyes and saw something predatory staring back at him. The hair on the back of his neck sprang erect as a primal instinct urged him to escape.

End snippet.

Now I have to figure out how he can extricate himself from her powerful grasp without appearing "womanish". After all, he's our hero and who wants a weak and whimpy man as the lead in a romance? Not me!

So wish me luck!