Basketball Practice

My oldest son is in first grade, which means he's eligible to play basketball this year. The program is offered through the Church of God in our hometown and is open to kids between 1st and 8th grade. The church is huge and has a basketball court built into it's design. Very cool. Whoever thought of it and designed it did an excellent thing.

My only complaint about my son's partcipation is the fact I (or my husband) have to have him to the Church by 8:00 am on Saturday mornings. The last couple of weeks I had been spoiled; hubby was taking him back and forth, allowing me to sleep in or at least lounge around in my jammies until mid-morning. This weekend my luck ran out. Hubby went ice fishing up north with friends. So I set the alarm clock last night and forced myself to go to bed at a decent hour.

We were still ten minutes late. I have no idea how I manage to be consistently late for everything. It's very odd and, if you ask my husband, annoying.

In any event, I got my oldest child to practice.

My little guy was so excited to watch his brother. Sitting on the sidelines we were able to watch this exuberiant six-year-old intentionally fall to his knees and slide across the floor more times than I care to remember. What can I say? The kid's a ham. Luckily the coaches are very forgiving at this point.

As we watched the kids practicing there was a group of people setting up a speaker system, carting in unicycles, basketballs, and small children. They were all dressed in matching clothes and seemed to resemble each other. My husband had mentioned a "guest speaker". He understated a bit.

After watching my oldest, going out into the lobby for hot chocolate & chai (chocolate for the little man and Chai for me), it was time for the guests to perform. With kids sitting at half-court and parents and younger siblings seated along the sides, the head coach introduced Jacob Crevier.

Jacob, in turn, introduced his father, Guinness World Record Holder Bruce Crevier. Bruce figured he had driven the furthest since he had come to Michigan from North Dakota. Yeah, okay. He wins. He likely also won the "who has the most children?" contest, too. Nine children--two girls and seven boys. Can you imagine? And their mother looked fantastic. Amazing. I could easily digress at this point but I'm going to force myself to remain on track.

The family put on quite a show. Even the baby got involved, even if it was only for a few seconds. At the end of the amazing basketball feats, Bruce did a little inspirational speaking. It was a truly wonderful experience for me and the boys.