And it's fixed!

Well, the internet issues have been resolved. It was indeed the router. Got the new installed and everything seems to be working like a charm.

Talk about switching tenses

Can you tell I got interrupted a couple times while writing that last post? Yikes on the tenses!

DSL Troubles

My online connection at home has been experiencing technical difficulties since we tried to upgrade to the 1.5 M connection. We've been on the line with tech support so many times I've lost count. They eventually told us we couldn't do the 1.5 M connection and had us go back down to the 715K. Well, that didn't fix our problem either.

The next step was to have the telephone company check our line for trouble. They did and everything checked out clean. They even said we should be able to do the 1.5M without a problem. So, that mean's the problem is internal--meaning inside the house. Lovely. So, hubby and I unplugged all the phones to see what would happen. Same thing. Connection dies within 5 minutes or less.

Now we're getting more than a little upset. Because that leaves the wiring inside the house, which we're certain can't be the problem. Our house is new--it's only three years old. My hubby works in IT and wired the house with CAT-5 (or however that's spelled out), so we know the wiring should more than capable of handling the 1.5M. But if it wasn't the phone doggles (a DSL thing), then what could it be?

Luckily we have friends who live nearby and subscribe to the same service. Hubby took our router over to their place and did a little swap. Sure enough within 7 or 8 minutes our friends lost their connection. Eureka! The problem has been the router. Seems the fan inside broke and the thing has been overheating.

Can you believe that? Now all we need to do is replace the equipment and things should be back online at the homestead. Thank goodness! I never realized how dependent I am upon the internet until this happened.

Oh, I made it through..

. the funeral. Very long. Very sad. I hope that's the last one I need to attend for a very long time.

Sick and Disappointed

Came home last night and developed a 102.6 fever. Lovely. Felt like shit, to be blunt.

Got a phone call regarding the job I applied for a couple weeks ago. Seems they want someone with more of an academic background--as in teaching experience. Well, I've got academic background but no teaching experience (one-time guest lecture to a Communication class aside).

So, I'm sick. Physically.
And I'm disappointed. Emotionally and psychically.

Ah, well. It just wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time....

Goodbye, dear friend.

On Saturday a dear friend of mine passed away. She had been battling ALS for the last year and a half. The disease progressed so quickly. She went from walking to a motorized scooter within a few short months after being diagnosed. Less than a year later she ended up bedridden.

I worked with Betty for several years and I can sincerely say she was one of a kind. Never a bad word. Always armed with a smile. The word "sweet" barely begins to describe this devout, loving woman.

She will be missed.

My prayers go out to her grieving family members: her husband, three children, and many grandchildren.

Victory to the cat.

Well, the collar is a thing of the past. Kitty kept hubby and I awake the first night until we finally took the thing off and tossed it on the floor next to our bed. Her unending neediness had taken its toll by 3 am and we were beaten into admitting defeat.

Neither one of us had the heart to put the collar back onto her skinny little neck the next morning. If she comes up missing--she does like to venture outside on a regular basis--it's nobody's fault but her own. We tried.

Writing Update

Hey, it's why I opened this site...

Title: Endangering Destiny
Total Word Count: 29,122
Chapters Completed: 10

Words Added Tonight: 476
Chapter 11 is picking up speed.

Kitty Palpitations

Hubby went shopping and came home with a collar, complete with bell, for our kitty. We put it on as soon as we got home. The poor baby hasn't stopped having heart palpitations since. She's totally freaked out by this piece of material fastened about her neck.

I hope she gets used to it soon!

Good advice...can I follow it?

I was in chat yesterday with a few writer pals--you know who you are--and I commented on the guilt trip I had laid on the hubby this last weekend. Mind you, I didn't realize it was a guilt trip but he assures me it was.

Here's how the convo went:

Me (doing dishes) : You know, I can't wait until you look at me some day and say "the house is paid off so you can quit your job".

Hubby (turning on Sportscenter in Living Room) : Why's that?

Me: Because I really think if I had the time to actually write on a full-time basis, I'd get published. I've gotten some positive rejections, which means I'm almost there.

(Hubby understands this concept because I've explained it at least a hundred times).

Me: Did you hear me?

Hubby: Yeah, well, I plan on remortgaging the house. (Goes on to mutter something about taxes??)

Me: Well, you better remortgage it at a rate you can pay for it on a single income!

Hubby, ignoring me, turns up the television.

Yep, that's the end of that conversation.

So, I'm chatting with my writer pals about this conversation and the fact that it's taken me two years--yes, two--to write 10 chapters on the first draft of my latest novel. I'm moaning and whining about the time I've spent and that I've yet to invest into the project when someone comments on my schedule. It is pretty full. I work full-time, I'm a mom and wife, I take classes, and, on top of my hobbies, I try to write. Yep, I'm busy. No doubt about it.

Well, Wen Spencer refuses to cut me any slack. Good woman. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the ass to get me refocused.

She bought up things like everyday decisions. When she was working she had a scheduled time for her writing and she stuck to it. She made a choice to sit down and write instead of vegging out infront of the TV. She made a choice to forgo reading in order to add another few hundred (or thousand) words. Eventually the choice became habit and she found herself writing steadily, making progress, and accomplishing a goal.

Then she turned the tables on me. What kind of decisions have I been making? In truth, I shouldn't be whining about how long this novel is taking because I'm not dedicated to writing on a regular basis. I write when I can, when I wish, and often allow other pleasures to consume my free time.

So now it becomes a matter of deciding what's more important: reading or writing, watching tv or writing, scrapbooking or writing. My free-time is at a premium. My decisions impact my productivity. If getting published is my dream, which it is, doesn't it deserve to outrank mindless entertainment at least 5 nights out of 7? It should. It had better. If it doesn't and I never get published, I've no one to blame but myself.

So, Wen is right. I need to turn writing into a habit, not a hobby.

Girly Pleasures

I've said it before: I don't make a very good girl. I'm certainly no boy, but I'm not a girly girl, either. I admit I could use some help in the wardrobe area and probably would need to spend the next year's salary just to bring me up to par with my sisters or cousins material possessions. Of course, that's excluding books and scrapbooking supplies; I do have my weaknesses.

Take for instance the night of my new sister-in-law's bachellorette party. I'm wearing a pair of jeans, a cranberry colored top (emphasising what little cleavage I have), a black see-through shirt overtop the cranberry, a brown belt, and brown shoes. Ok. Did you spot the faux-pas? Yep, black shirt, brown belt & boots. I figured the bar would be dark and no one would really pay all that much attention to my feet or waistline. Well, my little sister disagreed. Next thing I know I've got on her black belt and a pair of black boots I had forgotten I owned. But little sister wasn't done yet. Nope. She pulled out her jewlry and began accessorizing, muttering the whole time about how hopeless I am.

I must admit I looked a lot better when she was through with me than I did dressing on my own.

And that's just one example.

Yet, I do have one little girly indulgence. I love scented lotion and am a sucker for Bath & Body Works.

This week's favorite scent:
Bath & Body Works Pleasures--Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I've got this one sitting on my desk and I can't seem to keep my hands off it. It smells so good! But are you supposed to wear perfume and scented lotion together? Do I care?

Hm. Not sure I do. I love this lotion!

Don't worry. I'm not dead.

Things have been busy, busy, busy. School started, which means not only am I doing homework and reading my textbook but I'm swamped at work with schedule changes and room requests. Fun stuff.

Haven't written a thing in two weeks. I have thought about it, though. Just don't have the energy when I finally have a minute or two to myself.