Girly Pleasures

I've said it before: I don't make a very good girl. I'm certainly no boy, but I'm not a girly girl, either. I admit I could use some help in the wardrobe area and probably would need to spend the next year's salary just to bring me up to par with my sisters or cousins material possessions. Of course, that's excluding books and scrapbooking supplies; I do have my weaknesses.

Take for instance the night of my new sister-in-law's bachellorette party. I'm wearing a pair of jeans, a cranberry colored top (emphasising what little cleavage I have), a black see-through shirt overtop the cranberry, a brown belt, and brown shoes. Ok. Did you spot the faux-pas? Yep, black shirt, brown belt & boots. I figured the bar would be dark and no one would really pay all that much attention to my feet or waistline. Well, my little sister disagreed. Next thing I know I've got on her black belt and a pair of black boots I had forgotten I owned. But little sister wasn't done yet. Nope. She pulled out her jewlry and began accessorizing, muttering the whole time about how hopeless I am.

I must admit I looked a lot better when she was through with me than I did dressing on my own.

And that's just one example.

Yet, I do have one little girly indulgence. I love scented lotion and am a sucker for Bath & Body Works.

This week's favorite scent:
Bath & Body Works Pleasures--Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I've got this one sitting on my desk and I can't seem to keep my hands off it. It smells so good! But are you supposed to wear perfume and scented lotion together? Do I care?

Hm. Not sure I do. I love this lotion!