DSL Troubles

My online connection at home has been experiencing technical difficulties since we tried to upgrade to the 1.5 M connection. We've been on the line with tech support so many times I've lost count. They eventually told us we couldn't do the 1.5 M connection and had us go back down to the 715K. Well, that didn't fix our problem either.

The next step was to have the telephone company check our line for trouble. They did and everything checked out clean. They even said we should be able to do the 1.5M without a problem. So, that mean's the problem is internal--meaning inside the house. Lovely. So, hubby and I unplugged all the phones to see what would happen. Same thing. Connection dies within 5 minutes or less.

Now we're getting more than a little upset. Because that leaves the wiring inside the house, which we're certain can't be the problem. Our house is new--it's only three years old. My hubby works in IT and wired the house with CAT-5 (or however that's spelled out), so we know the wiring should more than capable of handling the 1.5M. But if it wasn't the phone doggles (a DSL thing), then what could it be?

Luckily we have friends who live nearby and subscribe to the same service. Hubby took our router over to their place and did a little swap. Sure enough within 7 or 8 minutes our friends lost their connection. Eureka! The problem has been the router. Seems the fan inside broke and the thing has been overheating.

Can you believe that? Now all we need to do is replace the equipment and things should be back online at the homestead. Thank goodness! I never realized how dependent I am upon the internet until this happened.