No progress on anything. I've thought about writing, though, if that counts. An old story line keeps intruding on my thoughts, beckoning me away from current artistic (LMAO) obligations. I'm resisting but not very well. Small scene snippets, dialogue, and character-development ideas get through to my consciousness every now and again.

My vampire romance is no longer my main focus. Now that NaNo's done, which I failed miserably by the way, it's time to focus on ED again. ED sucks majorly by the way. I'm tempted to trash the entire thing and let it marinate for a while. There's a few things I'd like to salvage but most of it needs major overhauls. Do I continue to push through on the basis that this is a "first draft" or should I cut my losses now?

Arguments for Keeping On:
Nothing is out in the mail.
Writing, thanks to RL, is always agonizingly slow for me.
It's taken two years to get this far.
It is salvagable with some major revision.
I'm unbearably negative today and tomorrow I might not think its a heaping pile of dung.
The general premise still excites me.
This is only a rough draft.

Arguments for Trashing It:
I'm disgusted with my writing.
I'm afraid my characters are flat, two-dimensional, creatures that will bore any reader worth his or her salt.
I'm not having fun.
Editing is okay, rewriting terrifies me.

But this book is suppose to be a learning experience. Leaving my confort zone could be very beneficial. If I keep writing on ED, force myself to do a true rewrite, I might have something worth selling.