Frightened by Our Future

If you don't want to read about politics or religions, skip this post.

I'm not much on politics. I watched a debate here and there, I browsed the candidates websites, and I based my vote on what information I had. Apparently, I voted for the underdog as he's not been elected to office. So be it. I may not be happy about Bush's reelection but I can appreciate the process by which he was elected. My fellow countrymen (and women) voted for the candidate they felt best represented our chance at a successful future.

I know many people are enamored of Bush because of his religious zeal. The consensus seemed to be "if you're truly a Christian, you'll vote for Bush". Guess that leaves me out. Oh, I believe in God and Christ. I've been baptisized of my own free will and with complete understanding of the symbolic statement my decision signified. I go to church (admittedly not as regularly as I should), I pray, but most importantly, I believe. I believe I've been forgiven my sins and that Christ died for me. I believe in John 3:16 with my whole heart.

What I don't believe in is allowing religion to overwhelm our government. There was a reason our forefathers believed in a "seperation of church and state". They were religious men and yet they realized a need to keep the two seperate. Too bad their descendents seem intent on doing away with the seperation. Religion is infiltrating our government. Need proof? Well, here's the latest evidence I can provide:

FDA and Jesus

This frightens me more than I care to admit. From what I've been able to gather, this man isn't a renowned scientist. His credentials seem to be in question when compared to the recommendations given by the previous members of the FDA. What he does have, and what seems to make him Bush's preference, is his religious zeal.

I'm sorry but this man's approach to women and religion terrifies me. PMS is a medical phenomena. Contraception should not be based on your marital status. Can you imagine the rise in teen pregnancies? Heck, for that matter, how many women are married before the age of 25 these days? They may not be married but they're certainly old enough to engage in consentual sexual relationships if they so desire. The advancements in technology and medicine should not be shelved because of the religious zeal of a few.

Mind you, I have no evidence that should this man be appointed to Chair the FDA he would put us back 50 years or more. I have no crystal ball and I can't claim any precognitive abiliities. Yet, I trust my instincts and they're screaming "No! No! No!".