Another Late Night

I knew I wanted to type tonight--50K is not magically going to appear overnight. Yet, I had hoped to be in bed by 10:00. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.

When I dropped off the fundraiser pizza kits at my dad's, I ended up talking for nearly two hours. I got upset at one point but maybe I overreacted. Work, the stress of driving down to North Carolina over the weekend and rushing back in time for Halloween, and dealing with highly emotional people in both instances has frazzled my nerves.

I wish I could pour my heart out about work. But I can't. Who knows who could run across this little blog and use it to totally ruin my life? Suffice it to say there's some nasty shit about to hit the fan. (They can't fire me for cursing on my blog, can they? No. Freedom of speech. Whew.)

I also wish I could pour my heart out about my family. But, once again, I can't. It wouldn't ruin my life but it might unintentionally hurt someone. I know what it's like to feel betrayed by someone you thought you could trust and posting about the current trials and tribulations of those I love would certainly be a betrayal. So, I'm keeping mostly quiet on that front, too.

What's that leave? Oh, yes! The Presidential Election. I just heard Kerry got California, which pushed his numbers closer to Bush's. Good news!

Yes, I want Kerry to win. And, yes, I voted.