Too Many Hours on the Road

This weekend has been hell. Friday night I got a phone call from my sister. It seems her husband has decided he no longer wants to married. She's devastated. She loves the fool and can't understand how he could just throw everything they have away. Her heart is also breaking for their two children (ages 3 & 1) and one on the way (she's 3 months pregnant).

Hate him yet? I do.

What made the situation worse, from my point of view, was the fact she lived so far away. I couldn't just jump in my car and be there in five or ten minutes. Hell, I couldn't be there in an hour or two. Michigan isn't exactly next door to North Carolina, you know.

But we did jump in the car. My dad, brother, and I drove all night through so we could pack her up and bring her home. If he doesn't want her or those babies, we sure as the hell do! After packing up the beds of my dad's pickup and her's, we got back on the road and drove straight through once more--we wanted to be home in time for Halloween with our children.

I have so many things to say about this situation but none of them belong here.

If you believe in an Almighty, please pray for my sister and her children. This is going to be so very difficult.