This and That

~There is no real topic for this entry.

~I haven't written anything since before the weekend.

~My 3 year old is bawling. Gotta go tuck him in.

~Ok. Back from nightly mommy duty. Gotta love those hugs and kisses!

~I shipped out the Winter course schedule today--so that's one thing I've been able to cross off my to-do list at work.

~I'm reading Stephen King's On Writing.

~I completed my first big assignment for my intercultural course. Thanks to my email volunteers for being such great sports! I appreciate your help more than you know.

~Scrapbook emergency: I'm completely out of Halloween items. I have no idea how this happened but I am determined to rectify the situation ASAP. Too bad for Mr. Checkbook.

~Sister-in-Law had surgery yesterday. She has continual problems with kidney stones and this last one refused to go quietly into the night. She now has a stint, which has been causing some problems of its own.

~Got invited to a crop Friday night by a different Sister-In-Law. I'd like to go. I just wish the drive wasn't so far!

~Haven't talked to my sister in North Carolina in several weeks. I'll probably call her tomorrow or Wednesday.

~Mentioned doing a collaboration with my other sister (yes, I have two). I figure with her imagination and my limited grasp of language and grammar we might just have something. She said it sounded like fun. Hmm. This could happen. I wonder, though, if we'd be speaking to one another by "The End"?

~I'm anxiously awaiting my son's scholastic book order. I went a little overboard but I really think the set I purchased will help him with his reading. It's so exciting listening to him read. He's even putting a bit of character and emphasis into the dialogue. Very exciting! Maybe I'll have a reader in the house after all. It'd be nice to have another person under the same roof that loves books as much as I do.

~Little guy got in trouble last week at daycare for scratching. Just when I think we've made progress...