Trying Something New

I just finished writing this post (click here) on the Forward Motion website. I have no idea if it will work but I'm willing to give it a go!

Edited to add:
I just realized the board I directed you to in the link above requires a login and password (free!!). If you don't have one, get one! FM has been a great resource for me over the last couple years despite the occassional flare of tempers. (It's best to ignore those as much as possible...something I can't get away with now that I moderate some of the boards).

Anyhow, if you'd rather not get a free login and password and join a kick-ass writer's community here's the content of that post:

I have three sets of notes I'm using. Yep, three. Here's how they work:
Document Number 1
Chapter by Chapter Overview
Chapter One:
1. First Plot Element
2. Second Plot Element
3. Third Plot Element

Document Number 2
Chapter by Chapter Questions
1. Question Plot Element Number 1 (from document one) raises.
2. Question Plot Element Number 2 raises.
3. Question Plot Element Number 3 raises.

Document Number 3
Chapter by Chapter Answers
1. Is plot element number 1 answered in this chapter?
2. Is plot element number 2 answered?
3. Is plot element number 3 answered?

Ok. So that may look a tad bit confusing. I also realize these could all be combined into one document, saving me the time and trouble of flipping between them. However, I'm using Newnovelist to keep organized and these "notes" are quite easily accessible and don't require opening several documents. Hard to explain but here are my results:

Document Number 1:
Chapter by Chapter Overview

Chapter One: 1. Vryc arrives in Glamyr to find and convince Sakkara to return to Muireach where her brother waits.
2. Vryc kills two of the Chancellor's Guard to keep his presence in Glaymr a secret.
3. Vryc finds a Lainir slave and helps her escape.
4. The slave tells him about the others she had been separated from

Document Number 2:
Chapter by Chapter Questions
Chapter One:1. Will Vryc be able to get to Sakkara and convince her to return to Muirrech with him?
2. Will anyone report the missing men? And will it incriminate Vryc?
3. Will rescuing the slave endanger his mission?
4. Will Vryc decide to rescue the other Lainir?

Document Number 3:
Chapter by Chapter Answers

Chapter One:1. Not answered in this chapter.
2. Not answered in this chapter.
3. Yes, pursuit is given immediately but Vryc manages to elude them in this chapter.
4. Not answered in this chapter.

You'll notice my answers document has a lot of "not answered" statements. It's because I haven't written the answer yet. When I get to the chapter where this question is answered, I will go back and fill in not only what happened but what chapter it occurred in. (I'm hoping this will help with manuevering through the manuscript...I'm forever needing to back up and look at something.) I'm also hoping this will help me verify that I've tied up the various plot threads woven throughout the story.

I know this probably seems a bit over-the-top. It likely is. But once I started doing this I realized my fears regarding my plotlines were groundless. So far.If this hasn't helped you find a method for dealing with your issue, maybe it gave you a sense of gratitude that you're not nearly as crazy as I am.