A Rewriting Idea

I know this may sound hokey but I think I'm willing to try it. If you've been hanging around here much (or if you were just unfortunate enough to find yourself trapped here every now and then), you may recall how much I dread the rewriting process. It intimidates the hell out of me. In all honesty, I'm not even sure I know how to do it.

But I've come to the conclusion it's a necessary evil.

So...how does one approach such a daunting task? I don't think alcohol is a good idea--altered perceptions and all that. Drugs are not an option. That leaves only hard work and determination. But I've tried those before and have failed in spectacular fashion. My last rewriting attempt lasted for a whole three chapters--the ones I decided to send out in query.

I've found a good source of advice on how another writer approaches this aspect of the craft. Thanks, Zette! I will definitely refer to these steps when the time is right.

I've also decided to try my hand at something a little different. Not unheard of. Not unusual. Listening to your prose is a great auditory aid in identifying awkward prose. I know many writers read their work aloud. I think I'm going to try something very similiar but, yet, a little different. I found a software that will convert text into audio files. I can convert my stories into "books on tape". Only they'll be books on CD when I'm done converting them. :)

The plan is :
Finish the first draft;
Buy the software;
Convert text to audio;
Save file to CD;
Listen to CD away from the computer to find the leaps of logic & dropped sub-plots (happens every time);
Fix text file.
Convert text to audio;
Listen to audio at computer this time as I read along--fixing grammar, punctuation, and typos.

Sounds good but will it work? I have no idea. But I guess I'm willing to spend $80 (plus tax) to find out.