Daily Horoscope

At Lola's prompting I decided to see what today's Yahoo horoscope had in store for me. Here are the results:

Late bloomers flower at last. There are no limits. Be yourself. Others join you.

Talk about emotional. Whatever you're feeling will quite literally be written all over your face. This wouldn't be the best time to play poker -- not for money, at least.

This made me smile because not ten minutes before hand I was struggling to control my temper. Oh, yes, I have one. Believe it. I won't go into detail about my little mini-fit. Just suffice it to say someone at work had irritated me yesterday and a good night's sleep hadn't eased my frustration. I have no doubt she knew I was pissed--between my tone and my very easy-to-read expressions it would be hard to miss.

How totally coincidential is it that this happened to be my horoscope today? Or is there no such thing as coincidence?