Only 20K

Edited for typo.  Thanks, Geisha for pointing out my yearning to turn back the clock.  LOL
I just realized how sad it is that I'm excited about hitting the 20K mark.  This novel was brainstormed into being in July of 2002.  By the end of this month it will have taken me 2 years to reach 20K. 
I'd like to blame it on the full-time job, the kids, the housework, family obligations and unforeseen hardships (like death and divorce), but the fact of the matter is...I've been very lazy.  Any excuse not to write this story has been a good one.  I've shown no dedication or forebearance.  I don't force myself to find new words every day.  Heck, I'm lucky if I force myself to find them once a week.
If I really want to see my name on a cover someday...and not just my computer screen...I need to develop better work habits.  I need to force myself to write at least every other day.  Everyday would be better but I know that's unlikely and, therefore, an unreasonable goal.  But every other day seems plausible.
Very well.  New plan of action: Write New Words Every Other Day.
Next step.  Determine a goal.  (Deep breath and drum roll, please)  Finish First Draft of Endangering Destiny by December 31, 2004.
Yeah, that sounds good.  And reasonable, too.