The Middle Ground

Epiphany of sorts.

I find the middle of the book easier to write than the beginning or the end. 

In the beginning, I'm so worried about things like hooking the reader, providing a strong dominant impression for my characters, balancing description with action, and myriad other elements that I invariably convince myself what I've written is complete crap.  I must rewrite the beginning of every novel at least a half dozen times--and that's not counting the little "tweaks" here and there.

The end is just as important as the beginning.  A weak or contrived climax can ruin an otherwise good book.  And don't foget to tie up all those loose ends and sub-plot threads.

The middle, on the other hand, I find rather enjoyable.  Don't get me wrong--it's still work.  I have moments when the words refuse to accommodate me.  I worry about boring my readers by rehashing or dragging things out.  But, for the most part, I really do find the middle so much easier to write.   Once the necessary plot elements have been introduced and the characters are put into play, the act of writing becomes less of a chore.  It becomes a matter of following the character's motivations, challenging their worldview, and introding obstacles. 

Lucky for me, I've just reached the middle of ED!  Let the fun begin!