Revisions in Progress

Sometimes I wonder about my writing habits. I really do. I know the genius of writing is in the rewrite and yet this skill eludes me. Or does it?

Rewriting brings to mind some preconceived ideas. When I hear the term uttered I imagine finishing the rough draft--you know "The End"--and then taking a little break from the piece. In a few weeks a reading starts the rewriting process. Grammar, dropped threads, clarification, and general "fixes" are done. Then another reading--line edits only this time, thank you.

Doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Are you kidding?!? I think I might be developing hives at this very moment just thinking about it.

But...yet, I can't help but to wonder if I don't practice "rewriting". I never start my writing day by sitting down and just picking up where I left off yesterday (or the day before or the day before the day before). I have to reread what I last wrote. But I can't just read it. I mean look at those overused adverbs. And who exactly is speaking here? Oh, and that typo has to go! So I begin "revising".

When I finally get to the blank slate I might have to go back and make a few fixes. Leaving them for the "rewrite" just freaks me out. It must all mesh now. Not tomorrow or two months from now. Right this minute.

So, is revising the same as rewriting?