Making Progress

I've been doing great! I just finished Chapter Six, bringing the total word count up to 16,877. Not bad. It wasn't a terribly long chapter but it served it's purpose, which is all I ask.

I had to do some major revision but I think this edition is much better. When I wrote the last scene I was in "organic writer mode"--you know, when you have no clue where you're going and you let the characters lead the way. The content was great but the prose sucked.

That's not the only revision I did. Oh no. Much too painless. I had to attempt self-amputation. I now have a working title and renamed all but two characters to further the Egyptian feel of the book. So here's the end result:

Old Title: A New Start
New Title: Endangering Destiny

Davne is now Sakkara;
Ivan is now Itennu;
Logain is now Rahotep;
Eethan is now Rameses;
Alya is now Jamila;
Gareth is now Kedamen

It's going to be fun adapting to the name changes. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.