Little troubles

I took today off work to spend with the Kintergardener. His school advertised an "all day" picnic. The day didn't go exactly as I had imagined it but it was a nice chance to see how his typical day plays out. The child is never clingy at home but you'd never know it when I actually get a chance to visit his school. I think he gets very territorial. Whenever I tried helping another kid with their assignment, he would pull me away almost immediately.

It's amazing how much work these little people do! They practiced ending sounds, finished a craft project, did their calendars, and a then started working in their farm books (they learned about roosters today) all before 11:00. Then we grabbed our blanket, our lunches, and headed to the playground. After that I asked the teacher if it would be okay for me to take KC down to the book fair.

I shoud have left him in the classroom and went myself! The child acted like a spoiled brat. Temper tantrum city. I was so embarrassed. He wanted a book I didn't particularly care for (Digimon or something simliar) and when I told him no he began his theatrics. I put the two books I already had in my hands back on the shelf and marched him out into the hallway. After a little talk we returned to the fair. I didn't let him get the book. Mean, I know, but at this point I was trying to let him know tears and temper wouldn't help him get his way.

Upon returning to his classroom they were read a story, had a snack, did math (yep, addition in Kindergarten, can you believe it!), and then it was time for the boy to go to speech class. I made sure it was okay with the speech teacher before tagging along. She was even kind enough to let me take a picture of the group (her and three children) so I could scrapbook even this part of his first school year. After that it was "specials"--computers, I believe. I figured missing it just once wouldn't hurt so I checked him out and we went to pick up his brother.

Since returning home with the two of them I've got to listen to non-stop arguing. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Yeah, my thought exactly. I finally snapped about a half hour ago. I told them to sit down and watch cartoons -- quiet time before bed -- while I did a load of laundry. I wasn't downstairs ten minutes and the screaming and crying started. I came upstairs and gave them option of a spanking or bed. One elected a spanking (he loves cartoons) and the other bed. I'm wishing now I just spanked them both. After a little sniffling the oldest is happily watching tv. The youngest, who didn't receive anything but a hug and kiss goodnight, is still crying.

Kids. They drive me nuts.