Dieting & Exercise

Just for the record...I hate both.

Dieting is akin to cruel and unusual punishment. I love ice cream. I love chocolate. I even love those little candies made of pure sugar (sprees, sweetarts, bottlecaps). Pasta dishes number among my favorites. Everything I love is bad for me. That totally sucks. I mean really, really sucks.

I've tried dieting. Atkins, calorie, fruits & veges only. Nothing seems to make a bit of difference. Deprivation doesn't seem to be the key to weight loss for me.

I've tried exercising. I joined Curves last April. There were a few weeks I failed to actually make it there three times a week but they weren't the norm, they were the exception. I kept at it for a year. I lost 15 inches but not a single damn pound. Very frustrating.

Recently the dh & I purchased a home gym. We started out strong but soccer, t-ball, and softball have been rather unforgiving. I'm hoping we get back into a steady routine soon. The only bad thing about this gym is it doesn't offer any cardiovascular exercises, which has led me to the realization I need cardiovascular more than I need weight training. The free weights will help tone but they're not going to help me lose weight.

I want to lose 15 pounds. I've wanted to lose these same 15 pounds for three and a half years now. They arrived with the C-section necessary to bring my youngest child into this world. And they've taken up residence.

I'm in a wedding in August. I really want to shed this weight.

I'm going to have to limit my sugar intake, use the home gym for toning, and start running. I haven't ran since High School track. I can't even imagine getting down to a six-minute mile again. What a goal that would be! But I'm not going to set myself up for failure. If I can get out at least three nights a week and walk for at least a half-hour, I should notice something.

Shouldn't I?