Changes in Plot

I was on my home from work tonight, singing at the top of my lungs, and thinking. Always thinking. Sometimes about the boys, the husband, the laundry, the dishes, the errands I need to run, the job, or any number of other things. Invariably, my thoughts always lead me to my stories, though. One minute I'm thinking about Soccer and t-ball and the next I'm brainstorming plot and characterization.

Tonight's revelation is going to cost me. I'm nearly 100 pages into the WIP now and making significant changes to the plot is not something I really want to do. Yet, I know--deep in my gut know--that while the changes aren't necessary they will improve the overall storyline. As per my habit, I fell prey once more to cliche. Of course, this overdone plot element doesn't appear nearly as often in fantasy as it does in romance. Fantasy readers might not find it cliche at all--unless they also happen to read historical romances as appetizers.

Changing this plot element changes a number of things. Everything I just fixed last night is going to have to be revamped. Again.

God, I hope this story is worth the headache it's causing!