Believe it or not I've been writing. A little bit here, a little bit there. Small jumps forward in word count but big leaps in terms of plotting and motivation.

I had been researching Ancient Egypt and ran across a few possible discrepencies in my understanding. Big surprise. Do you have any idea how vast "Ancient Egypt" is? It spans three thousand years. It evolved with new gods, new beliefs, new practices, and varying degrees of govermental power. Some of this doesn't matter in the least but some of it does. I've said before the story's setting is based loosely on AE. However, I still want it to retain enough flavor of Ancient Egypt to be easily recognizable.

Besides, I'm having a great time with the description!

So, anyhow, there were some things I was unware of and they may have had a negative impact on my creativity if not for a few good friends. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the people at Forward Motion? They're the best! After tossing a few things around in chat I was able to knock loose my panic and begin to brainstorm. Ideas and answers to plot problems were still troubling me as I drifted off to sleep last night.

The good news, I discovered only seconds before falling asleep, was I hadn't committed any mistakes in the writing I had already done. I could incorporate this new information at any point from where I had left off and it would be reasonable and totally acceptable!!! What a relief. I hate major rewrites and inserting some of this new stuff could have required tremendous work if I had been further along in the story.

WIP: In Need of A Real Title
Current Word Count: 12,267
Current Chapter: 5