The Weekend

Well, another weekend has come and gone. Even though I had a nice three-day spread to enjoy, it went by too fast and I'm sad to be back to work so soon. Paychecks are good incentive, though, to get your fanny out of bed and into the shower. After that it's all good--unless it proves to be a true Monday at work. Bleh.

So what did I do this weekend?

Friday was spent mostly behind the wheel of my van. I had to drop off and pick up the munchkin at school, then I ran into Flint to get my shoes for my brother's wedding, and finally I ran into Walmart for a last minute birthday gift for a late notice birthday party. In between all this we managed to squeeze a nap in for the little guy, clean my house, write a paper for extra credit, and visit with my mom for a good four hours. I didn't get home until nearly 8:30pm. Busy, busy day!

On Saturday I stayed mostly around the house. I got some scrapbooking done (very little), did some laundry, went for a power walk (losing weight sucks), made back-ups of my digital camera pictures (that took forever!!), and various other around-the-house activities. The munchkin also had a soccer game during the afternoon. He scored 1 goal! Way to go, little man!!

Yesterday (Sunday) the hubby and I dropped off the birthday gift on our way to his parents' place. I felt bad just dropping the gift at the door but the notice really only came on Friday morning and we had already promised to spend some time with the in-laws. And, boy, did we spend some time. We were there almost all day, at least 6 hours. Lunch was good, though. Dessert was even better. Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorites and I could have easily eaten two bowls.