This Weekend
I spent a lot of money, took the boys to an Easter egg hunt, and still managed to spend quite a bit of time at home this last weekend. Ken and I bought a patio set for our back deck. It's nice and high; I can see over the railing now without any trouble. Can't wait to be able to use it on a daily basis. I can see it now. Ken and I sitting at the table, reading--him the paper, me a magazine--and the kids playing on the swingset. I'm going to have to get a picture. Somehow.

The Easter egg hunt went well. The boys each searched with their own age group. They each got some candy and got to meet the Easter Bunny. I'll post that picture tonight. It's too cute.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home doing nothing much. Not even laundry. I didn't feel like it. ~evil grin~

I started reading "The DaVinci Code" by Dan Brown. I've read his Angels & Demons book and really liked it. This one seems to be living up to my expectations. The prose is brief and to the point. The man wastes no words. Yet the action is sufficient to pull me right along with the MC.

I haven't written all that much today. Too busy actually doing the $$ work they pay me to do here. Ha.

Total Word Count to Date: 9,123
Chapter Progress: Started Chapter 3

I also rediscovered a writing group I had lost. Well...I lost the link in my favorites. Thanks to another blog I found them once more and was able to find out how everyone is doing. Some changes in off-line relationships. One of the writers has been told he'll be published online here sometime this year. They have a backlog to get through first. Congrats, Erik! I know it's not jumping out of a plane but every little acceptance helps.

Well, until later. It's time to log off and go home.