I didn't write much of anything yesterday. Edited a bit. Added a few lines here and there.

I did, however, input more data into Newnovelist. It's nice having the little details available in one spot without having to search for them. The interactive elements in this program excite me. If I keep the Newnovelist data open in one window and the WIP in the other I can add details as I go or quickly reference back to information I've mentioned earlier in the story.

I have to admit the program isn't as comprehensive as the Powerstructure software I stumbled on a few months ago. The layouts are completely different and some of the elements in Powerstructure I liked aren't available in Newnovelist. But I wasn't willing to pay four as much for Powerstructure. Newnovelist only cost me $60. I can justify spending less than a $100 on something I know I'll use quite often, even if it is only for writing.

Hey, I'm a mom and a wife. I've got bills. Spending $60 selfishly isn't something I do every day.